Easter Holidays Madness


So, as I mentioned before, week one of the school holidays was a flop! The highlights being Little Moreton Hall and (something I forgot to mention before) pet sitting for some friends! The kids loved having a Guinea Pig for the week! However the rest of the week was totally rubbish, so my husband and I decided to book a last minute holiday! 3 days is enough notice for taking a holiday with kids, right?? We started to look at cheap getaways to Spain….but realised one of our kids’ passport runs out in just over a week…..so that was a no go! After hours and hours of searching, we decided on 5 days in Dorset! How glad I am that we did!


We had a FANTASTIC time! I’m going to write a bit more about it over on my ‘Places we recommend visiting‘ page soon. Right after I’ve caught up on all the holiday washing and ironing!

It has been so good to spend time together and make memories! Whilst our Bank Account is not as full as it was; my heart is fuller! Lots of moments of the kids giggling and having cute, fun, and thoughtful conversations. Heart warming moments that are to be treasured!


We made another last minute decision on the way home and stopped at Stonehenge. Our eldest freckled face has learnt about it in school recently so we thought we would take him to see it. Extremely glad that we did! He was so happy and excited! We all really enjoyed our visit there! Very interesting. I’m going to put more pictures up on my Instagram account (4freckledfaces) later, if you’re interested in seeing them!


We would definitely recommend a visit! It was made even better for us by getting free entry (and parking) because we are National Trust members! So glad we went. The exhibition is also very interesting and worth a look. We spent a couple of hours there. We had to leave because it was closing!

Time with family and time learning, is time well spent!

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