Easter Holiday Madness


Over the past 2 weeks our oldest 3 kids have been on Easter School Holiday. 2 weeks off of school! Yessss! All these amazing ideas and plans; we were so excited!

They finished school on the Thursday before Good Friday. ‘Let the adventure begin!!’ ……OR NOT! Friday our 5 year starts being sick! If you have children you know the feeling of ‘ARGH! Who’s next and how long is this going to take to clear the house??’ Saturday night another….Sunday the next and so on and so on. Thursday came and each one of us had been stuck in the house with this sickness bug for the past week. We were going insane!! My OCD and extreme cleaning to get the germs gone were on another level, as always when illnesses strike! This was not in the plans! How rude Sick Bug! None of us had been sick for 48 hrs hours at this point….we were just shattered and weak. But we needed to get out! So we popped out for a few hours to Little Moreton Hall, a National Trust place in Congleton, Cheshire.


It felt so good to get out, especially as it was such a beautiful day! The house is an interesting historical building. Our kids call It the ‘Wonky House’! We’ve been there a few times, and every time they have had a quiz or activity of some sort for the kids to do. The grounds aren’t massive, but our lot still have fun exploring and running around!


It was such a good end to rubbish week!

Part 2 of the Easter Holiday Madness coming soon…..and it will be better than this entry!

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