Stamptastic Christmas Wrapping fun!

So…..I have a confession……please don’t hate me or think less of me…….but……I really don’t enjoy wrapping gifts! Like really REALLY don’t like it. I usually leave it to my husband. Is that bad?

A couple of months ago, Stamptastic reached out and offered us a stamp and ink pad to try out. Well…I said yes, as I like to put a bit of thought and personal touch into things. I happy to report that since using the stamp and ink pad – I am a happy wrapper! I, honestly, really enjoyed it and loved how the gift wrapping turned out. We even made it a family affair! The kids enjoyed it and were super proud of what they had achieved. Listening to Christmas music whilst wrapping, helped get us in the spirit of it all too.

Things we liked about it – The ink dried super quick and we had no smudges! Miracle! You can either do random stamping or making a pattern up…. or even just add one and leave it there – whatever takes your fancy! Use recyclable paper to be friendlier to our planet. You can use them on gift bags too. You can use them for gift tags. It makes wrapping fun and personable.

TOP TIPS – Cut out the right size paper before stamping. Make sure the paper is on a hard surface before stamping. Stamp in the ink before stamping the paper (each time).

Stamptastic have a great variety of stamps – you’ll be spoilt for choice! Head over to their website and see what takes your fancy!

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