8 Best Things About Motherhood

With Mothers Day coming up it’s got me to thinking about my motherhood journey. It’s been a bumpy journey, with ups and downs, but a journey that I am very happy to stay on and keep experiencing. I have learnt a lot, changed a lot, messed up lot and questioned what I’m doing…a lot! As I’ve reflected on my time as a mother, I have realised some of the aspects that I love. I wanted to share them with you. Now these might come across as easy ….. but for a busy mum – things aren’t always easy! These moments are sometimes a few hours, sometimes they’re 5 minutes. No matter how much time they take – they are great moments that get you through and help you to find joy in a journey that can often be stressful and full on. Here they are, in no particular order…

Watching Your Child Achieve

Watching your child achieve something, no matter what age they are, is one of the best feelings, ever! The more effort they have put in to it. The more struggles they’ve had with it – the better! Ok it’s not fun watching them struggle, but when they nail it afterwards it just feels you with so much pride and joy for them.

One on One Time

One on One time with your child is a great way of building a good, strong relationship. Seeing them without the temptation to wind up or argue with a sibling and doing something they have chosen to do with you can be eye opening and as I said before – relationship building. It enables great conversations and helps you to understand them and their views on things.

Reading With Your Children

Sitting and reading a book with your child can bring moments of calm and reflective learning. We reading a book as a family and then the kids have their school books to read too. Whether it’s them reading, or you, that time of opening up a different world of imagination that the book brings is exciting. We always have a talk about what was read (we like to make sure they understand what has been read) and hearing their thoughts on it all can bring a fun time! We’ve had some very funny chats after some stories – seeing their personalities come to light is just great!

Trying To Be A Good Example

Yes, I said trying! Kids learn best by the example set – at least I did. I slip up, a lot, and luckily my kids aren’t afraid to come to me and tell me. I want my kids to be better than me. I want to set a high bar for them – I had a high standard to live up to, why should I let them have it easy?? Here are some of the things I work on being a good example in – Always work hard and give your best. Show kindness to everyone, even those who aren’t being kind to you. Try new things. If you’re nervous/anxious about something then talk about it and don’t let fear stop you from doing something you’ll regret later. If you mess up, it’s ok – learn from it. Forgive others and yourself. You be you, let others be them and accept them for that.

Hearing Your Child Laugh

Hearing your child laugh (no matter what age) is contagious! You can not help but at least smile. Whether it’s a little chuckle, a giggle or a full on belly hurting laugh – hearing any type of joy from your child feels you with joy too.

Being A Safe Space / My Childs Go-To

There are many reasons your child might need a ‘go-to’. They might be upset, struggling with something, over stimulated, concerned, problems with friends, need help, etc. Whatever the reason is – to be that person they come to will lead to treasured memories. Knowing that a hug from me can make their world good again…..well to be honest, it makes me feel pretty powerful! Those moments bring great opportunities for teaching your child to become independent with problem solving – you can help lead them to find the answers themselves.

Watching Their Character Develop

With each day they go through many experiences that help them to become them. Watching and encouraging their personalities develop and grow is fascinating. I’m talking moments like the first time you let them choose their own outfit and think ‘Really??’, to moments like them facing a tricky situation with peers. They are eye opening experiences and they mean a lot.

Unconditional Love

Those times where everything is crumbling and the kids are making bad choices, they’re not listening – or are listening but just don’t care…….those times where they are pushing SO many buttons that you just want to bop them right on the nose……..you blow your top and then sit and cry because you just love them so much and feel that you failed them.

This one actually has another meaning too. In my role as a mother, I make mistakes. My kids see those mistakes….and are sometimes on the receiving end of them. Do you know what they do? They love me! They tell me and show me they love me. They try to help me feel better about my mistakes.

So basically, the motherhood journey is AWESOME! With any low moments, there are so many high moments! I am loving learning and growing through it all. What are your highlights?

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