Freckled Face Friday – Geography

Hi everyone! I am Freckled Face number 1! Yay! I’m the oldest! I wanted to write about Geography.

All About Geography

Geography is really interesting for me because I like to find out about countries. Geography is about the world and countries. I find countries very interesting and every day I test myself on where countries are in the world. I know every country in Europe , South America and Central America.


I love doing Geography and learning capital cities and where countries are in the world. I also know a lot more countries and more continents than my Mum and Dad! If you want to go to Croatia I would recommend going to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. I haven’t been there but I have asked mum and dad if we can go! It looks really cool!

Mum bought us new card games where you learn about the world and Europe. They re the ones in the picture underneath this. Hopefully my sisters will learn more. They do ok but they don’t know as much as me yet. I am trying to teach them.


Do you like geography? What is your favourite country? Why do you like it? Please let me know in the comments below. I might do a video on our YouTube Channel about geography. Did you know we have a YouTube Channel? Go and subscribe!

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