Dunham Massey Christmas Lights Display

Wow wow WOW!!! Last weekend we attended Dunham Massey Christmas Lights Display. It was AMAZING! It was done so well and there was such a big variety of lights. We toasted marshmallows over a fire, we saw Santa and one of his elves in a little show, we saw fire, we saw cool fountains and walked and enjoyed all the lights and music. In the words of the kids – IT WAS EPIC!!

It was a long walk (buggy and wheelchair friendly), but you don’t realise how long because there is so much to see! There are little refreshment huts along the away; you can get warm drinks and snacks. We did see people with flasks which is a good idea, especially for kids. The marshmallows to toast come in all different flavours and are £1.50.

Go check out our YouTube Channel to see our video of this awesome event!

Nanna and Grandad (my Mum and Dad) were staying with us for a couple of days so they came with us. Here are a few pictures….







Take a look at our YouTube video!

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