Celebrating VE Day – A Kid’s View

Victory in Europe (VE) Day is celebrated on the 8th of May. We celebrate it because that is when World War 2 came to an end! That must have been very good for the people who were living through it. No more bombs and gun shots or having to hide away sometimes. They must have been looking forward to getting more food. Mum said their food was rationed, which means they couldn’t get all the food they wanted, instead they were told what they were allowed to have and she said it wasn’t a lot.

This year it will be 75 years since the the original VE Day.  It was on the 8th of May 1945. Mum said that the people had street parties to celebrate. We read that everybody would put their tablesnout in the street and bring some food for everyone to share. We looked at some pictures and it looked like they all wore smart clothes. A lot of them were wearing hats too.

We listened to some music that was from that time. We all liked our music better! Mum said that we are going to have a party on VE Day. We are going to dress up smart, and watch how they used to dance.

We made some bunting for our party. We also designed some medals and wrote a diary entry, pretending we were there. It was really cool because after we wrote it we made it look old.

VE Day. Bunting. VICTORY IN EUROPE. 4 Freckled Faces.

VE day. Victory in Europe. Medals. VE medals. 4 Freckled Faces.

VE day. WWII letters. VE diary entry. 4 Freckled Faces.

It was funny writing them because Freckled Face number 4 wrote Poo Poo eat on hers! Ha ha ha. She is only 3 so she couldn’t really write sentences like the rest of us were doing.

It has been interesting learning about what it was like then and we are looking forward to celebrating with a party.

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