Accomplishments Through Lockdown

We are 5 weeks into lockdown (I think?? The days and weeks are rolling into one and I’m not really sure!?) and at least 1 more to go!

We are doing ok. Doing our best to get work done, keep the housework going, baking, crafts, garden makeover, etc. We’ve also taken this time to work on talents and new skills.

Here are some of the things we have achieved during lockdown (and feeling pretty good about it too!)

Freckled Face 4

  • A Forward Roll! This may not seem like a big thing – but it is for her! She’s always been too scared to do it.
  • Confidence in her ability to do ‘scary/daring’ things.

Freckled Face 3

  • Finally learnt how to Ride a Bike! Took to it SO quickly too! Within half an hour she was off and riding confidently.

Freckled Face 2

  • Improving in reading sheet music for the Piano. She has a very good memory and if you doesn’t her the keys for a songs, she’ll remember it. Weve been working on her being able to read the sheet music herself, and she is doing really well!

Freckled Face 1

  • Baked cookies from scratch – ALL BY HIMSELF. They were white chocolate chip and cranberry. He did a great job! Delicious! He was SO proud of himself.
  • Learnt 2 new songs on the Guitar. He used to love playing guitar, but since having a new guitar teacher at the new school…..he hasn’t enjoyed it as much. We’ve been trying to encourage him to play more and make it more fun  for him. He’s doing a great job!

Whole Family

  • We’ve managed to not kill each other!
  • Working together to get dinners done. They are all becoming more independent in the kitchen and all love helping out!
  • Made and few fun videos for family and friends birthdays.
  • Had some great Arts and Crafts sessions!

Things We Are Working On

  • Learning French
  • Improving in Gymnastics targets
  • Learning the Times Tables
  • Our Health and Fitness


You have got to make the most of this time, right!?


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