Birthday in Lockdown! “EPIC!”

This week our 9 year old turn into a 10 year old. What!? 10!??? I’m not old enough to have a 10 year! I’m pretty sure I’m still 21….

It was wasn’t the usual birthday but he said it was “EPIC!

Usually on birthdays the kids get to choose where we go for a day out, what we eat for dinner and every other year (ish) they have a party.  Having his birthday meant no choosing a day out and no party. However, the dinner thing should be doable, right!? Wrong! He really wanted Cheese Stuff Crust Pizza from either Domino’s or Pizza Hut. After a few phone calls we discovered that none of the ones near us had any stuff crust bases in! Doh! Luckily, Asda had some in and he was happy with that!

So, those are the things that went wrong. Here are the things that went right and helped make it an EPIC birthday in Lockdown.

Spider Web Bedroom Door

Whilst he was sound asleep the night before, I cut a load of crepe paper into long strands and did a spider web kind of thing on his door for when he woke up. Go to our Facebook page to check out the video of him bursting through it!



He loved the gifts we got him! A month before his birthday I got him to look for gifts that he would like. I gave him a budget, he made a list of what he would like, he wrote the prices by the side of them and put them in priority order.  Luckily we were able to get most of what he asked for. (There’ll be a separate blog post about the gifts soon!)


The Activities

We asked him what he would like to do on his birthday…..his usually at school, so I said that we could not do any school work and do whatever he wanted. His choices for the day were BIKE RIDE, PADDLING POOL/GARDEN FUN, and a FIRE PIT in the evening. Luckily we’ve been having great weather lately so this was all possible!

Extended Family Singing Happy Birthday On Zoom

He may not have been able to have a party, but having lots of our extended family join us on Zoom to sing happy birthday to him and he then blow his candles out made him so happy!  He loved it! It was only for a short time, but it was great! Even his Great Nan joined in!

The Cake

He really likes sitting around a fire. We’ve recently given him a bit more responsibility when it comes to our fire pit evenings. He is in charge of getting the fire ready and lighting it. He calls himself  ‘The Fire Master’! So I thought I would do a fire pit cake; a chocolate cake, with chocolate fudge brownie icing, marshmallows around the bottom, chocolate matchsticks for the wood, and melted hard boiled sweets for the flames. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned,  but I couldn’t get everything I wanted so had to me adapt the original plans!


We sat out by the fire pit eating cake, toasting and eating marshmallows, and laughing. An excellent end to an EPIC day!

How every good party should end! Ha ha

He kept hugging us and telling us what an amazing day he had had. He went to bed so happy!

Have you had a birthday in lockdown?

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