4 Creative Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday!

Whilst we’ve been in lockdown, we’ve had a few birthdays in our extended family and friends. We also had one of our own. Have a look here to see how we celebrated.

Here are some ideas for wishing people a birthday when you can’t be with them in person.

Create a personal picture message

The kids had fun trying to work out how to put this one together. All you need is a bit of space and bodies (live ones! Any other type would be gross and illegal) .


Make cards and post them.

Our 4 Freckled Faces love to get creative and make things. Throughought lockdown there has been a 60th and a 90th birthday in our extended family. The kids enjoyed making cards and posting them off. It was nice to hear them talking about memories of them too.

Make a fun message video

This one was actually sent to Freckled Face 1 from one of his cousins. He loved it!

When the video started you could just see the bottom of the box. He then kicked the football and knocked the box down to reveal the message.  Perfect for a football fan!

Creative ways to say happy birthday. 4 Freckled Faces
a screenshot from the video

Make up a song for them or about them

We’ve had some fun making videos for some of our family and friends. We started of singing happy birthday…but then the hubby got involved and started making up songs for them! He, and the kids, did a GREAT job!

Here is the link to one of videos that they did. Check it out, it’s on our Facebook page.

Screenshot_20200513-000554_Pages Manager
a screenshot from the video!


All of these are bound to bring you and the receiver a lot of joy!

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