Watadventurers Book Review – by Freckled Face 1

A week ago I got a package in the post. I was very excited and wanted to know what it was. It was my very own personalised Watadventure book! BLUE FOX – FROM THE SEWERS TO THE STARS: THE RISE OF THE WATADVENTURERS. It is for children about 6 years old to 12 years old. It looked so cool! On the front cover was a cartoon picture of me and 2 other characters. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be good or bad characters. So I started to read and find out.



Reading isn’t my most favourite thing to do, but I read this book in 2 days and my mum and dad didn’t even have to tell me to go and read! I would have finished it sooner , but I had to go to school, football, rugby, athletics. Do homework and sleep of course. It’s a really good adventure story with bits that are really funny too! One of the characters (Jiblets) calls pond algae pond snot! The characters are really good and there is a page that teaches you how to draw them too, which I liked because I like drawing.


It is written like a comic. There are 2 adventures in it and some activity pages and fact pages. It was easy to follow the adventures and understand what it was all about. The pictures are fun and catch your attention. It is fun but has an important message too. It tells you things we can do to help planet earth and the climate.


So it is entertaining and it teaches you lots of things. It has a page in it for mental health as well.


My mum said it was really easy to order. She said she was expecting it to take a lot longer than it did. She was very happy about that! She is always busy so she liked that it was so quick and easy to order. She liked that it was made in the UK with sustainable forested paper as well. She had to tell me what that meant because I didn’t know at first! I did notice that the pages were thick and felt nice though.

Oh and guess what. Watadventurer have said we can do a GIVEAWAY!! Head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to enter.

You can go and look at WatAdventurer website and social media. Here are the links you will need.





Thank you for reading my review! I hope you get a book and like it too!

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