Freckled Face Friday- Lakemore Farm Park

Hi, its Freckled Face number 2!

We had a great day at Lakemore farm park. First we had a look at the shetland pony. I loved it! It was so soft and black.


Then we had a look at the goats. There was one that was little goat and he was cheeky  and he got out of  his cage.



Then we moved up to the sheep. They were so fluffy. And then Dad showed me how to feed them.


One of the lambs really loved my brother.


After that we saw the massive cows and when I fed them they licked me. It felt slimey!


Lastly we played at the park and played crazy golf. It was very difficult but FUN! There were 9 different holes. We didn’t pay for it because mum and dad said it was included in the money we paid to get in the farm.


At the park there was a monkey bar type thing, lots of things to climb on and a big slide.

The indoor play area was fun too. There was a big sand pit, a soft play with a ball pool and slide and there was a play bit for younger kids too. It had climbing things and cars for them.

We had lots of FUN and mum and dad said it was even better because it didn’t cost lots of money!


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