Scotland – The Finale

If you can’t tell by now, from all our other Scotland Trip instalments; we LOVED going around Scotland!

We finished our trip off with setting off early for the journey home. Check out our Vlog over on YouTube!

Our first stop on the way back home was in Cairngorms National Park. We drove through a town called Avimore, which looked like a cool ski resort town! We parked up at Glenmore Lodge (free to park!) and went for a lovely fun walk down to Loch Morlich. WOW!

The walk to the Loch was a path with fine gravel ….. but we ventured off the path a little!
Loch Morlich. Lake. Water. Scotland. Cairngorms national park. 4 Freckled Faces
Loch Morlich

We stayed for a little while and had some lunch.


4 Freckled Faces. Loch Morlich. Scotland. Siblings.
Can’t be somewhere that gorgeous and that fun and not get a photo of them all! #memories !

After time well spent in the outdoors and admiring gorgeous views we got back in the car and headed to Edinburgh. For the first time, in the whole trip, we came across a traffic jam! Unfortunately, this meant that we didn’t get to do everything we were hoping to do on the way home, but we did make a quick stop off in Edinburgh as the kids had earnt some money before we left and they wanted to spend it and get something to remember the trip by. Although it was a slower than hoped for journey to Edinburgh, it was pretty! We went over Queensferry Crossing as we approached Edinburgh….who doesn’t love a good bridge??

Excuse the dirty windscreen!

Parking in Edinburgh was expensive! Parking in a City always is though I guess. We ended up parking in the Sheraton Hotel. The staff were all very lovely and friendly! They were kind enough to give us a map of the city and point us in the right direction too.

I wasn’t able to get many pictures, or much video, due to it being so busy. We had to keep our eyes on the kids the whole time! I would live to go back and take more photos though. Lots of cool buildings and streets. Here a few I did manage to capture.




Did you even go to Scotland if you didn’t see a real life bagpipes player??



Edinburgh has lots of history, so much to see and a great atmosphere! Dave and I would love to go back and explore it …..without the kids, if possible! Though they did really like Edinburgh.  There was also a big park area just outside of the city, so if we do go back with them, we’ll perhaps go for a few days and include some chill out time at the park.

From this trip we now have a list of places we would like to go back and visit and spend longer. Here’s our list of where we would like to go back.

1. Avimore / Cairngorms National Park

2. Edinburgh

3. Inverness

4. Perth

We would be happy to visit all of the places again, but would really like to go back to these areas and explore in and around them more!

Well, I guess I’ll stop boring you now! Thank you for reading! Have you been to Scotland? What are your favourite parts?


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