Chirk Castle

Recently we celebrated Dave’s (my husband) birthday. In our family, you get to choose a family day out on (or the nearest Saturday to) your birthday. Dave decided that he wanted to go to Chirk Castle. It was a very good decision! It was such a great place!


The surrounding views are stunning! Unfortunately there is an eye-sore with a factory in the distance, but it doesn’t ruin the beautiful scenery around.


It’s a great place to take kids! There are a few different play areas throughout the grounds and the grounds in general (all 480 acres!) are great to wander off and explore. Over 5 acres of the grounds are beautifully kept. Hedges, lawns, rose bushes, etc. Our Freckled Faces enjoyed spotting the statues too.

Inside the castle is fun for kids too. They have costumes, helmets, armour and more. It’s fun for adults too! It has over 700 years of history and part of it is still lived in today.

Go and check out our video of it on our YouTube Channel! We had lots of fun!

Have you ever been there?




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