9 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Stay at home date night ideas. 4 Freckled Faces. Couples night. Nights in.

With or without lockdown sometimes it can be pretty tricky getting out and having some time together, as a couple, just the two of us…

It is SO important to have that time though. Here are some ideas for shaking things up a bit and having an evening together at home, full of fun and romance!

An Evening Picnic 

This can be in your living room or, if the weather is nice, you can go out in the garden. Lay out a blanket, light a few candles, dim the lights (or maybe put a few on if you’re in the garden!), get a nice bottle of drink, some of your favourite treats….maybe a chocolate fondue….or cheese and crackers…..you get the picture!

Play A Game 

If you don’t have any playing cards or board games (why!?) there are lots of virtual games you can play together – Yahtzee, Risk, Drawasaurus, etc. Failing that…..Hide ‘n’ Seek!? Charades, Pictionary?? Or maybe you like playing on the Xbox or Playstation? Make it even more interesting by putting a reward for the winner and a forfeit for the loser!

Romantic Dinner For Two 

Set the table, light a candle, play some nice music and either make a fancy meal or order a take out. Go all out and get dressed up!

Cosy Movie Night 

Got a favourite film, or one you haven’t seen yet? Get some treats in, grab a blanket and snuggle up and get cosy.

Create A Travel Bucket List 

Got dreams of seeing the world? Dream together! Write a list of what places you would love to visit. Put them priority order and maybe even take a look at rough prices for them too. It’s always good to have a goal!

Get Inventive In The Kitchen 

Create a starter, main or dessert (or all 3!?). Have fun experimenting with flavours and textures. Get creative and enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards – hopefully anyway!

Make Something Together 

Do you enjoy a bit of DIY? Maybe you’ve fancied upcycling something for a while? Give it a go and do it together! You might end up just making a mess….but at least you’ve made something, right!?

Cosy Fire Pit Night

Light the fire, grab a blanket, maybe some marshmallows, or hot chocolate? Cuddled up chat. (If you’re looking for some ideas of things to do around a fire pit, check out our post on fun activities for a fire pit)

Write/Draw On Eachothers Back

One of you lies on your front. The other uses their index finger to write a word, or draw a picture, on the other ones back. It can be pretty hard, so you might need to guess it one letter at a time. Take it in turns.

Whatever you do, make sure you get quality time with other! Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “9 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

  1. We are finding it hard to have much time together with my daughter being off school, especially when she wants to sit between us and watch a film!

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  2. I love these ideas! Date night is so important and it’s great to have ideas for at home when you can’t go out out lol! Thank you for sharing these.

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    1. Thanks! We feel like we get stuck in a rut every now and then. It’s so difficult sometimes, to do something other than going with the flow and doing the same things.
      Hope you’re keeping safe and well!


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