5 Places to Visit in Paphos Cyprus

Paphos (or Pafos) is a fun and beautiful place to visit. It’s great for visiting as a couple, with friends or as a family. After a recent visit to Paphos Cyprus, we thought we’d share a few ‘Must See’ places.

Archaeological Park

An absolute must! Not only is the history cool and interesting, but the views are just stunning! Our 4 Freckled Faces enjoyed seeing all the mosaics and reading the history just as much as we did.

If you’re there in the summer heat, you will need water and some sort shade – a big hat, sunbrella, and a fan. There was an ice cream van there when we were there, but it was expensive….refreshing, but expensive.

Entry cost €4.50 per adult and kids were free. You can spend as little or as much time as you want there. It is really easy to get to, as it’s just over the road to Paphos Harbour.

The Harbour

As well as the gorgeous clear sea, palm trees and pretty views – you can also find restaurants, shops, ships, and they have scuba diving there too. It’s a great place for scuba diving/snorkeling because if the water isn’t too choppy there are lots of sea turtles around, as well as fish.

Aphrodite Water Park

Aphrodite Water Park needs to be on your list! So much fun for all ages, abilities and levels of daredevilness (I’ve put it in writing so it’s a word!)

There are a few different places to get food and drinks there. Lots of sunbeds. They also have lots of photographers going around taking pictures while you play – before you leave you can have a look through and buy them if you want to. Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to look at ours (had to get the bus) but the girls were loving the photo shoots 🤣 I would have loved to have seen them! Gutted.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a popular tourist area. Is it absolutely gorgeous …. but with both of those things come busy busy! It’s a busy place, so prepare for that! It is worth a visit. There are toilets, a cafe, a changing cubicle and sunbeds you can hire. There are also water sports you can do there.

As you can see, the water is gorgeous! If you park up the top (or get a bus or taxi there) then you do have to go down quite a few steps/ramps to get there. It wasn’t too bad though, and there was no complaining from the kids 😆

San Antonio Water Sports

These guys were really good. They had lots of watersports on offer and they were patient with our younger 2, who were not the biggest fans of being out on the water! We hired a speed boat from them, a pedalo and we did some parasailing and a little turn on a jet ski too. Definitely worth looking them up for some fun on the water!

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