Cholmondeley Castle Gardens

Cholmondeley Castle. Castle through trees. 4 freckled faces. Castles in Cheshire.
Cholmondeley Castle Gardens is set in around 70 acres of land in Cheshire, England. Beautiful building and beautiful surroundings!

We have been there a couple of times in the past, but it’s been a while since we last visited. We went there recently and were reminded of how lovely it is! As you drive in (towards the castle), you come to a lake with a picnic area and a play park. We stopped here to eat and let the kids have a play….and who doesn’t love to sit and chillax by a beautiful lake?! We ventured off afterwards to find the castle gardens.

White garden gate. 4 freckled faces Through this gate you come across some very pretty gardens! Beautiful flowers, a wide range of trees, statues….lots of areas to wander off and explore.

Kids exploring. Big rhubarb plant. 4 freckled faces.

Every member of staff we came across were very friendly and helpful. The only thing we were disappointed about was that the animals were no longer there. Personally, I think that if you change your services or attractions you offer, there should also be a change in price. They hadn’t replaced the animals with anything else, and they didn’t lower their prices. That aside, we had a lovely few hours there! Something for all ages.


Sadly you can’t go in the castle, but you can walk pretty close around it, lots of places to picnic and play or sit and relax and beautiful gardens and grounds to explore.

Check out the website here!

Thanks for reading!

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