Fun at Home

Lately we have been pretty busy. Here, there and everywhere. So today we stayed at home. We have done some puzzles, read books….


I bought these books from Home Bargains the other day and kids enjoyed them today. A nice, cheap, non-sugary treat that kept them entertained for ages! Bonus!


We also played some games. The Freckled Faces decided that they wanted to play ‘Cops and Robbers’ …..which ended up being hilarious! Freckled Face number 3 was the “police officer” and she kept catching “the bad naughty guys” and saying “you’ve been naughty, so you’re under a vest!” 😂 So Freckled Face number 1 went and got 3 vests for her to use, to put them under!! Classic!


Freckled Faces numbers 2 and 3 wanted to make another YouTube video. Head over to our YouTube channel to see their results! I think they did great, let us know what you think!

We hope you have had a GREAT day!

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