When did he grow up??

I have just had the loveliest little chat with my boy! I have mixed emotions right now.


Tomorrow morning I drop him off at school for his first residential trip! When did he grow up?? How is he old enough to stay away without any family?? Eeeeekkkkk! I am so excited for him (really, I am!) but……I’m also kinda’ nervous. I hadn’t told him that though. I didn’t want to squish his excitement! All my motherly protective instincts keep popping up. What if other kids upset him? What if he upsets other kids? What if he starts to feel poorly? What if he hurts himself? What if he wets the bed and gets laughed at? (He has only wet the bed 3 times since being toilet trained at 2years old, so unlikely…..but just go with my over the top mummy worries for a minute!)

Tonight we did the whole bedtime routine, and it came to saying prayers, tucking him in (or not so much as he gets too hot for covers!) and giving him a kiss goodnight …..he held me really tight and said “I’m really excited but also a little bit nervous”. When I asked him why he was nervous he said that it was because he would be away from us for longer than usual and over night. Whilst a little of me was dying inside, I loved that he wanted to talk to me about it, rather than bottle it up! Thankfully his excitement is overpowering his nerves., for that reason I made sure I didn’t cry and ran with the excitement side of things! We spoke about all the different activities he’ll be doing and how he’ll have his friends there and the fun, lovely teachers that will be there too. He couldn’t stop grinning!

I’m so looking forward to hearing about the experiences he’ll have! After chatting with him tonight, it’s made my fight with the over protective motherly instincts much easier! He’s got this! I am so proud of him.

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