Shugborough Estate – is it worth a visit?

If you have read any of our previous posts you’ll know that we are National Trust members (in England). We have been members for the past 3 or 4 years now and still have so many places to see! We love it because wherever we go in the UK there is always somewhere that we can visit and it’s not going to cost us a fortune!

My husband watched a programme on the Shugborough Estate a little while ago so we decided to visit it and check it out. It did not disapoint! We LOVED everything about it! As well as impressive buildings and grounds, the staff were very friendly and helpful. We didn’t get to see it all so we’ll definitely be going back to check out the rest!

Shugborough Estate. National Trust. A big mansion. Old English building. 4 freckled faces.

With it being summer holidays they were even more geared up for kids being there than usual. Our 4 freckled faces really enjoyed walking around the grounds searching for the different monuments to tick off of the lists they were given.


In the house we learnt about the 2 brothers who owned the estate, George and Thomas Anson.  They had fun things for the kids in the house too. I love seeing kids ask questions and learning. Life is all about learning, isn’t it!

We went for a walk to find ‘Essex Bridge’ too. Essex is the county I was born and raised in, so it couldn’t be missed! Of course, as with any bridge, we played ‘pooh sticks’! Have you even had a childhood if you haven’t played pooh sticks??

Pooh Sticks!

After a lot more exploring of the huge, beautiful and fascinating grounds, we headed back to the car just before closing time. We took the scenic route and made some friends!



So would we recommend visiting Shugborough Estate? Definitely!

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