Scotland Road Trip Part 1

Last year we created a ‘Travel Bucket List’. There are a lot of place that we would really like to see as a family. This year we are ticking off Scotland! We have done a Vlog for each blog part, which is on YouTube too. Let us know what you think! There are also lots of pictures on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We decided to do a mini tour and see a few different places. We want to see as much as possible, but we only had 6 days and limited budget! So here’s what we did….

Our first stop in Scotland was Glasgow. Due to a few of the kids getting travel sick we planned in (roughly) some stops along the way, so that we weren’t in the car for more than 3 hours at a time….most journeys were around the 2hr mark though. Almost exactly half way from Home to Glasgow was Acorn Bank (a National Trust place) near Penrith, in the Lake District. So we decided to stop there to stretch our legs, have some food and explore a little. So glad we did! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best (it was raining lots and a bit chilly), but what a beautiful place with lots of friendly and helpful staff! The kids were given a fairy house trail and told an exciting story of how Father Christmas was seen coming down the huge (and beautiful) fireplace! There was also a video you could watch about the history of the house, and our lot got a little cosy and enjoyed a book in the library. We then went and explored the grounds/gardens a little.

Acorn Bank. National Trust. A Large fireplace. Big brick fireplace. 4 freckled faces.
The beautiful fireplace!

We spent a couple of hours there and then continued our journey to the home of the Scottish Kiss; Glasgow! We had been told that Glasgow was pretty rough in many areas….and whilst that may be true, there was still a lot of cool things to see! Lots of cool buildings, street art and there were a lot of church steeples and towers as you drive towards and away from the city. As we weren’t going to be there for long, we parked in a (very) expensive car park in the city centre and we stayed outside and wondered around to see as much of it as we could; George Square, Library and Gallery of Modern Art, different churches, etc. As we walked around we could believe the amazing street art! It was apparent that the people of Glasgow like to have fun! After a few hours we got some dinner and headed to the place we were staying that night.

Glasgow. Gallery of Modern Art. Glasgow Cathedral. Street art. 4 freckled faces

We stayed just outside of Glasgow, in a place called ‘Ardoch House‘ . If you’re wanting a clean, pristine 5* Hotel, this isn’t your place. We didn’t want that…..we often can’t get that without having to split in to 2 rooms! Anyway, we wanted to find something cosy, and more ‘real’ instead of a big standard hotel. We got it! Dave came across Ardoch House on

Ardoch house. Glasgow. B&B Scotland. 4 Freckled Faces.

We got our own little separate apartment at a really reasonable price. Breakfast was included. There was a large shared kitchen, which was stocked with everything you needed and you just helped yourself. The owner and manager were very accommodating. It had a very relaxed feel and we got to meet people from all around Europe! The kids loved it! I would have preferred it to be a little cleaner (I’m a germophobe), but would I go back there again? Yes!

The next day we set off fairly early and our first stop was Stirling. It was a nice city, again lots of cool buildings and we were hoping to go to the castle……but there was a long wait just to get in the car park (which you had to pay for). So we decided to scrap the castle and went and found a different car park (only £2.50 for the day!) and wandered around instead. Some of the roads are quite steep, especially up towards the castle area. It’s worth the walk if you can manage it though! Cool buildings and a great view!

The view near Stirling Castle

After we had some fun wandering the streets of Stirling, we got back in the car and headed to Perth! The sun started to come out at this point, so we were even more excited to get to Perth!

Wow! We LOVED Perth. A lovely city right by the River Tay.  It was nice and clean, and again had some cool buildings. We went for a nice riverside walk and enjoyed the view.


We then walked around the town and got something to eat from Greggs Bakery, then headed back to the car.  We had parked in a car park on Canal Street. When got back to the car, the kids decided that they needed the toilet! (Typical!) The closest one to us was the Courthouse! So we took the kids in there! They were intrigued as to why the toilets had UV lights! Haha

With the wandering around and admiring the first 3 cities of our adventure done, we got back in the car and headed up to Nairn. My goodness the views on the this part of the Road Trip were stunning! Cairngorms National Park is a place not to be missed!

That’s the end of Part 1! Part 2 will be coming shortly! Go and check out our Vlog on YouTube and photos on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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