Three Discovery Centre

Did you know that Three offer free learning courses?? I didn’t until a few weeks ago! Last Friday Freckled Faces numbers 1 and 2 were invited to take part in a vlogging class with Three Discovery.  This course was aimed at 7-12yr olds. They were keen on learning more and it will hopefully help them with their videos on our YouTube channel!

We jumped on a train from Crewe Friday morning and headed down to Islington, London (to the centre where the class was taking place). It was almost a 2hr journey to London….so of course – it called for treats and entertainment! We took a couple of games and a selection of cookies and sweets.


We arrived in London Euston and made our way to Angel Street station (the closest station to the Three Discovery Centre in Islington….not Halloway Road like one of the rail workers told us!).

When we arrived we were greeted by the friendly staff and showed to the room where the class would take place. The rooms were modern and clean and set up for a good, casual yet professional, friendly learning experience.


Alan and Jess (I think, but I am really bad with names so could be wrong!?) were nice and friendly. They were patient and tried to bring the best out of the children. They made the class a relaxed and interactive environment. They tried to help the kids feel safe and confident enough to speak up and share their knowledge, experiences and opinions.


The class was informative and fun. There was talking, planning, recording and editing. Freckled Faces 1 and 2 really enjoyed the hands on learning experience and said they hadn’t realised how much work goes into editing videos.


We are excited to put everything we learnt to good use!

We took part in the Vlogging class, but they offer lots of other classes too! Go and check out their website to find out more information.

We would definitely recommend it! They have a few different learning centres. If you live outside of London  you can tie it in with a sightseeing visit too!

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