Easter Crafts – Mrs Mactivity

Easter is coming up and as we love doing arts and crafts I am always on the look out for ideas.

Mrs Mactivity very kindly gifted us a year subscription to their website. I am so grateful for this! I love doing activities and arts and crafts with the kids, but life can get really busy and I can’t always find time to prepare the activities.

We decided to try the Easter Baskets and Bookmarks first.


There are lots of different design options to choose from for the Easter Baskets.


Our Freckled Faces enjoyed doing both the baskets and the bookmarks, and the older ones found the instructions easy to follow. They were able to get on and do them by themselves. We laminated our bookmarks to prevent any accidental ripping.


They make cute, creative learning resources suitable for both parents and teachers – made by teachers, tested by kids.  They specialise in unique resources that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Their mission is to change the world through inspiring and providing fun learning resources that really motivate children to learn.

The crafts are based around ‘less is more’. You don’t spend hours trawling through the website to find what you need – they believe that people want quality resources over quantity. If they don’t have what you want, email them at hello@mrsmactivity.co.uk and they’ll do our best to make it for you!

Most of their resources are free, but as they don’t use advertising on their site, they charge a very modest fee of £9.97 per year (or in your currency) so you can access EVERYTHING and also enable them to make more resources.

If you like doing crafts and activities with your kids then go and check out the Mrs Mactivity website.

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