Wonder Woman

I recently watch the film ‘Wonder Woman’ – I know, I’m pretty late to the party eh!? What can I say – I’m a busy mum of 4 who doesn’t get an awful lot of time to do things just for me – so I have to prioritise……and nowadays if I do decide to watch a film I fall asleep through it!

Have you seen it? As I was watching it I had a lot of of thoughts come to my mind. I won’t share them all with you, but there is one thing I wanted to share.

Women are strong. Stronger than some of them may believe. Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean they have to come across as harsh, bolshy and aggressive though. I think some women feel they have to behave that way to show they are strong. That’s not the case. Strength can be shown as compassionate, resilient, adaptable and caring/loving. I found it interesting that at the end of the film, Wonder Woman is fighting and she is angry and looking like she might lose the battle. She had shown arrogant, bolshy attitude (at points) leading up to this part in the film. Whilst she did end up saving the world (spoiler alert!? Because we all fully expect the world to actually end in all these superhero films, right?!) she could only do it when she included LOVE and looked for the good in people.

That is the type of woman I want to be! Not one who comes across as ‘having a chip on her shoulder’ or trying to prove a point, but instead one who knows her worth and knows the worth of those around her. One who helps others, shows compassion and shows resilience to negativity thrown her way. A woman who understands that in order to be as strong as I possibly can – I need the help and support of others (male or female!)

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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