10 Fun Things To Take To The Beach

10 fun things to take to the beach. What to take to the beach. Family day at the beach. 4 Freckled Faces.

Beach days can be great….but let’s be honest, any days with kids can be tough, no matter where you are.  However,  we have to make it the best we can – it’s all about making memories right!?

Here are a few ideas on how to make a Beach Day, with kids, as fun as possible for them and as fun as possible for you!  It all starts with some preparation and packing the right things before you go.

Bubble Wand

These are great entertainment for kids! Stick the tube in a mound of sand and let them entertain themselves! Watch the excitement as a breeze comes by and helps blow loads of bubbles! All kids love bubbles, right??

Fun things to take to the beach. Family days out at the beach. What to take to the beach. 4 Freckled Faces.

Reading Book

I get that this might not be for all kids, but encouraging children to sit/lay down with a book for a few moments is really good for them, wherever they are. It can be a current book they’re reading, or to make it even better, take one that is beach themed. Fact or fiction!

Sketch Pad and Pencils

There are so many awesome things children can draw whilst at the beach. Not only nice landscapes, but also shells, crabs, sandcastles they have built, people playing, seagulls terrorising people over food, etc. They can work on their colouring and shading too. Let them get creative.

Bucket and Spade

A classic! Can’t go wrong with a bucket and spade. Dig, build, collect….. they bring all kinds of fun! Castles, boats, sand sea turtles, mermaid tails, burying sleeping dad….endless fun!


A Ball….or 2

Whether one wants to have a kick around by themselves, or a few play a game of Beach Football, Beach Volleyball, Football Rounders – there is lots of fun to be had by everyone!

A Frisbee

Watch your shins and heads! If you manage to not get hurt, Frisbee can be a lot of fun and works on the kids hand-eye coordination.

A Kite

Flying a kite is a great, classic,  family fun.  Just make sure the kids don’t let go of it…..or get taken up, up and away with it!?

A Body Board

These are great fun! When the tide is in, take the kids in the water with a body board and teach how to time riding a wave into shore. So much fun!

Body boarding. Beach. Cornwall. 4 Freckled Faces

Inflatable Floats

A Lilo, a Boat, a Rubber Ring….whatever inflatables you like! They can float on the water with them, or get cosy on the sand with them.

Inflatable tyre. beach toys. Cornwall. 4 Fr

Foam Water Blaster

These are lots of fun! (You can get them on eBay for £1.99 each. If you want lots of them Amazon sell them in bulk, or some shops have them too – Tesco, Poundland, etc.) The kids can squirt eachother, squirt into the sea or you give them targets to hit. It is fun to see how high they can squirt too. Just make sure you have a decent amount of space around you, so that the water doesn’t hit anyone else on the way down! Or better yet, you do the squirting and tell them to try and dodge it!

These are bound to make any beach day even better when kids are involved!


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