Halloween without Trick or Treat

Usually, we would spend our Halloween at a Trunk n Treat activity at church, with friends. Thanks to COVID19, this year, that wasn’t allowed. So here is what we did instead.


Which one is your favourite??

The kids really enjoyed doing these! They were limited to what they could chose to do, because I didn’t want to have to go out and buy thing else for it. So after I showed them all what was available, they all decided what to do and got planning and painting! Luckily I had a good amount of ACRYLIC PAINT left over from other projects.


Freckled Face 1 got his Minion mug and a pencil and started drawing the outline on.

Freckled Face 2 decided to paint hers all white and then pencil the outine for the face.

Freckled Face 3 decided to paint hers all blue, and then make some patterns with some stick-on pearls.

Freckled Face 4 had a little guidance from me – I gave her a big heart stencil to draw around for the face, and then she painted within the pencils marks, she loved sticking the ears and tail on too.

We decided to put the pumkins in the window; as it was really raining and super windy most of the day! We put a few spider webs up and got the UV lights out. I’ll be honest – we decided not to go all out, as noone would be out there to see it, so it was just a bit of fun for us. I’ll be honest again….I was a real witch all day! So we didn’t do everything I had planned.

Chose their own costumes

Next was getting dressed up! We had a Zombie Joker Ninja, a Unicorn Princess (because Halloween isn’t all about scary), a cool Witch, and a Ninja (with autumn socks on, because it’s autumn!)

We had some lovely people drop round some goodies throughout the day – so kind and thoughtful, which we enjoyed after a witching dinner of Witches fingers (hot dogs), witch hats (breaded triangle mozzarella bites) and magical potions (make your own mocktail!).

We then had a movie marathon and watched Casper and Hotel Transylvania 2, whilst pigging out on a ridiculous amount of popcorn, chocolate and sweets!

It was then time for showers! There was a lot of hairspray and face paint that we didn’t want on their bedding!

Here lies our Halloween of 2020. RIP.

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