9 Fun Spooktacular Ideas for Halloween

Halloween – you either love it or hate it….or not really bothered either way!? I, personally, quite like having a bit of fun with the kids. We keep it a bit of fun, nothing too scary – I’m too much of a wuss!

Here are some fun things we’ve enjoyed doing for Halloween.


Who doesn’t love a bit of food fun!? Croissants, filled with nutella, mini marshmallows for the teeth, and edible eyes. Nom nom!


This one was actually for a ‘Trunk n Treat’ activity that me and a few friends did at church a couple of years ago. The kids love a photo op, and we sometimes to them on a smaller scale at home. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit if cardboard and paint!


SO much fun! This is one of our favourite Halloween activities. It’s fun, yum and creative! You can get them to have a think about what the potion is going to be for, and have them make up a spell! We use different drinks, sweets and fruits in our potions.


These make for a fun snack. Peel your carrots, then down one side you need to make the stalk. Once you are happy with your stalk shape (2 triangular cuts either side), then start chopping your carrot to produce your little pumpkins.


This lot love dressing up. The girls, mainly the younger two, will dress up a few times and play ‘trick or treating’ haha! One of the get some treats and stands behind one of the doors in the house, and closes it. The other then knocks on the door and says ‘trick or treat’. They open the door and say something like ‘Oh wow! Look at your costume!’ , hand over some treats then switch roles! It’s pretty funny and cute to watch!


If you’re lucky, you don’t live too far away from a good pumpkin patch. The one we go to isn’t actually that close to us, but we like it! It has a bit maize maze to go through before you get to the pumpkin patch. They have stuffed Halloween costumes standing up/hanging throughout the maze. When you get to the big field, you grab a wheelbarrow (if there are any around) and start looking for your pumpkins! It’s a huge field, with plenty of selection. Outside of the field they have a Halloween shop, and an area where they sell food.

A fun day out, and you’re helping the local economy!


More fun with food! Sorry (not sorry, my life revolves around food!) Green apples, edible eyes and either a little icing pen or melted chocolate and a toothpick! On a side note : I tried putting these in lunchboxes…..it didn’t work out well!


A classic tradition of either carving pumpkins or decorating them another way. We usually carve, but going to try our hand at a bit of painting this year.


Turn an ordinary walk in the woods into fun imaginary play, by finding a fallen branch or stick that looks like a witches broom. If you manage to find a stick for a wand too – even better!

Whatever you choose to do at Halloween, we hope you have an enjoyable time!

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