What Easter Means To Us

This Easter, in social distancing, has possibly been one of our best Easters.


We started off with a classic – a lie in! It was awesome! Then, after hearing Freckled Faces 3 and 4 sneak downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had been, we had a big family Easter morning hug and began the Easter Egg hunt. *I just want to take a minute to applaud myself in doing a GREAT job of hiding the eggs – it took everyone ages to find them and I even had to give clues for some!*

Our Easter egg hunt consisted of chocolate eggs, plastic eggs with mini eggs and bunnies in them, and also 12 more plastic eggs with scripture verses in and other items. The scripture verses tell the account of the reason we celebrate Easter.

Jesus Christ. Saviour. Easter. Easter egg hunt. Easter story. 4 Freckled Faces.

This activity was given to us by a friend at church. It was so lovely to have some fun and then sit and focus on what it was really all about – our Saviour and Redeemer sacrificing Himself for us.

After this fun and special time …..in which I may or may not have got emotional, as I always do when I think of what Jesus Christ went through for me……we then had some breakfast. Some very bunny breakfast!

Easter. Easter bunny pancakes. 4 Freckled Faces
See what I did there??

Our day then consisted of Easter crafts, a lot of which one of our neighbours kindly dropped round for us because they thought the kids might enjoy them! How thoughtful and kind!

Dave took our Freckled Faces out for a walk whilst I cracked on with making our Easter roast dinner. Delicious – even if I do say so myself! (Though not a scratch on my parent’s, Nan’s and Aunty’s roast dinners!)  While they were out they saw police officers handing out sweets to children as Easter treats! Again, another kind and thoughtful act.

We have watched ‘He is Risen’ and listened to music that has helped us think of Jesus.

It has been an Easter that we hope we relive every year!

As we have reflected on the day, we have thought of how it has been helped to be made so great by people who are like Christ. Good people, with good intentions. People who are thoughtful and kind.

We are so very grateful to have so many good people in our lives. We are so grateful for our belief and faith in Jesus Christ. We are grateful for the peace we find in Christ, as we try our best to be like Him and when we turn to Him and our Father in Heaven when we need to.

What does Easter mean to us? It means love, gratitude and new beginnings.

We hope you have enjoyed Easter, for whatever reasons you celebrate it.

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