Canoeing at Astbury Watersports Centre

Canoeing. Astubry Mere. Astbury Watersports Centre. 4 Freckled Faces.

Back in the summer we visited Astbury Watersports Centre in Cheshire. We booked a family session online. We had 2 canoes for an hour.

When we arrived at Astbury Mere Lake, it was pretty busy with dog walkers and fishermen. The Watersports Centre had a one-way system in place, and they cleaned equipment after use. When our session finished, we put our oars up against the fence, ready for them to clean them. As we left we were asked to dunk our buoyance aid/life jackets in a big container that had water and disinfectant in it.

Whilst it is a lovely lake (especially if you get good weather!), the area of the lake that you can use is actually not all that big. It is fine for an hour’s family fun though. We got the kids to practice standing up and changing seats, and canoes, to build their confidence on the water.

We had a great time. We put together a little video that is on our YouTube Channel, click here to check it out.  


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