Things To Expect When Expecting Your Kids To Get Ready For School In The Morning!

After the older 3 Freckled Faces being off school for 2 weeks, we are now getting back in to the School Run and a few things have stood out to me about our mornings. I thought I would share them in the hope it might make other mums feel a bit better and maybe even [...]

Freckled Face Friday- Interview with a 4yr old

Freckled Face Friday- Interview with a 4yr old

I love finding out our kids views on things and what's going on in their minds. Sometimes it can be a bit scary and other times pretty funny! Here is how the little chat/interview with Freckled Face number 3 went... 1. What is your favourite thing to do? Mmmm....Playing with Freckled Face number 4 and [...]

Freckled Face Friday-The Adventures of Buddy the Elf

Hello everybody. I'm freckled face number 3. This is our elf he's been really cheeky. Here are a few things he's been doing. He has been eating sweeties when it was bedtime. We found him eating our biscuits. He was crunching very loudly. I told you he was being cheeky. He made snow angels in [...]

Why we decided to not encourage our kids to write letters to Santa

Why we decided to not encourage our kids to write letters to Santa

Now I'm sure that I'm going to get a lot of feedback on this.....maybe even hate mail! BUT, I feel this is important and would like you to hear me out...😉 So, this year we decided that our 4 Freckled Faces were not going to write letters to Santa/Father Christmas, and list everything they would [...]

Visit to Wheelock Hall Farm

Visit to Wheelock Hall Farm

With the older 3 Freckled Faces all being in full time education now, me and number 4 have more time during the day to, I meant work....hard.... A few weeks ago we decided to ditch the housework and all our other responsibilities and have a play date with some friends at the farm! We [...]

What to do when you see a parent with a tantruming child.

I recently took all the kids shopping with me to a well known supermarket (it begins with 'S' and ends in 'ainsburys'). Worst shopping trip. E.V.E.R! The kids were tired. I was tired and pretty stressed.....So perhaps not the best decision I have ever made, but it needed to be done. The younger 2 Freckled [...]

Can’t Touch…. Will Touch!?

This week we've had decorators in. They've been painting walls, ceilings, doors, skirting boards, window sills and stair banister. Nightmare! The house is upside down ....and there are a lot of things in wrong places! I'm looking forward to trying to return to the slightest bit of organisation that we had. Have you ever had [...]

Fun at Home

Lately we have been pretty busy. Here, there and everywhere. So today we stayed at home. We have done some puzzles, read books.... I bought these books from Home Bargains the other day and kids enjoyed them today. A nice, cheap, non-sugary treat that kept them entertained for ages! Bonus! We also played some games. [...]

School’s Out For Summer!

Today was the kids last day of this school year! I know, we're pretty late to the party, right!? It seems everyone else finished last week! The kids have had a great last few days though, so they haven't seemed to be bothered that they're still at school! We are definitely happy to be joining [...]