3 Years Of Blogging!

It's hard to believe that we started this blog 3 years ago today! I have learnt a lot in that time. Blogging is a lot harder and far more time consuming than I thought it was going to be. Unfortunately, I've not been able to do it justice and havent done it as well as [...]

Freckled Face Friday – Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Freckled Face Friday – Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

It's freckled face number two I am going to tell you about the Christmas tree we made. We did it on the first Monday in December, like we always do, now I think it is looking great. I really enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree in our play room! We were in our elf pyjamas it [...]

Introducing Freckled Face Friday!

Over that past few weeks we have been trying to organise this blog and our blogging time. It's been....interesting! We have decided that on Fridays the post will be from one of Freckled Faces. We bring to you 'FRECKLED FACE FRIDAYS'! Myself and Dave would like to apologise now for any craziness that may follow [...]

Random Facts About Me! Blogger Q&A

I would like to thank Kristine for tagging me in this Blogger Q & A. I enjoyed reading and finding out some random facts about her, so I'm happy to be tagged to do my own and I hope you will enjoy finding about me too! When was the last time you cried? A couple of weeks [...]